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Welcome to AiBuddy. We empower universities & higher eds to provide a personalized help-desk support for their students using an AI-powered chatbot custom made for their school.

The Need

Created by Mobility & Global Education


As student mobility grows – promoted by programs like the ERASMUS – institutions find the need to provide more student support services to both their local & international students.


Students demand instant response to questions & concerns. They need answers right now to make decisions that impact both their academic career and the quality of their academic experience.


AiBuddy enables institutions to fill this gap, by providing a scalable, always-on support system. We leverage AI & Smart Messaging to provide student support in Higher Ed.

A Buddy For

Campus Integration

With AiBuddy, every school can have a custom chatbot that can serve as an assistant in specific theme areas, like providing easy integration to international (ERASMUS) students.

Schools can also 7x their student recruitment & conversion using AiBuddy that is super responsive to inquiries, 24/7.

Smart Messaging

Built For Students

Intuitive & responsive, AiBuddy is designed to truly help students succeed. Hence, we choose to communicate in the manner that the students enjoy; Instant Messaging.

Local or Exchange students will have instant responses to their questions and needs, enabling them to make accurate decisions that help them succeed in the academic adventures.


Scalable Support

Scale your student support to fit your student population.

Custom Application

Adaptable to fit your schools need per time – orientation, marketing & recruitment.

Insights & Data

Generate useful data, find out what your students really think and learn to meet their needs.

Language Friendly

Speak to your students in the language they prefer.

Seamless Integration

Easy integration with your existing school management system & infrastructure.

24/7 Support

Respond to your student needs at off-hours, or on holidays.

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